29 Oct (Thu)
MIS Society (Dental College)

2 Aug (Sun)
JMM Colloquim Lecture in Kobe "Long-term Success Rate of HA Implant" held by Kyo-cera (JMM) (Kobe Fashion Mart, Japan)

1 Aug (Sat)
JMM Colloquim Party in Kobe (Hyogo, Japan)

24 May (Sun)
Piezo-surgery Hands on Course held by Implatex & KO Dental (KO Dental Jouhoku Office, Tokyo)

25 Apr (Sat)
ICOI Japan 1st Symposium / Poster Annoucement "Innovation of HA Coated Implant and Surface Topography"

23 Apr (Thu)
2nd JMM Development Meeting (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)

12 Apr (Sun)
SurgiGuide Implant Operation Excursion, JMM & Materialize Qualifying Course (Kato Dental Clinic, Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

29 Mar (Sun)
GBR/GTR Japan Goretex Qualifying Course held by Tokyo Dental College Endodontic surgery Department (Hongo Media Bldg., Bunkyo, Tokyo)

28 Mar (Sat)
Meeting with Prof Ishihara, Tokyo Dental College Microbiology Dept. for GBR/GTR Japan Goretex Qualifying Course (Hongou Media Bldg., Bunkyo, Tokyo)

21 Mar (Sat)
Piezo-surgery Hands on Course, Prof. tomase vercelloti (Takanawa Prince Hotel, Shinagawa, Tokyo)

20 Mar (Fri)
Implatex Piezo-surgery Summit (Shin-takanawa Prince Hotel, PAMIR, Shinagawa, Tokyo)

17 March (Tue)
2nd ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

The Quintessence, Issue in March
ITDN-Tokyo "2008 HA & Esthetic Lecture Report" Dr. HIGASHI Takashi

The Quintessence, Issue in March
Book Review "Vitamin of Brain and Body that Gene Prescribes" ISHIURA Shouichi

17 Feb (Tue)
Lecture "Dental Medicine for Challanged" Dr. Yamazaki, Meguro Ai-ai Palace (Meguro Dental Association Hall)

16 Feb (Mon)
Lecture "Avian Influenza & Swine-origin Influenza" Prof. TOTSUKA Kyoichi, Tokyo Woman's Medical Univ. (Meguro Dental Association Hall)

15 Feb (Sun)
Prof. KOMIYAMA Yataro SurgiGuide Study, Materialize Japan Qualifying Course (Toshi Center Hotel. Aoyama, Tokyo)

3 Feb (Tue)
1st ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

23 Jan (Fri)
Lecture by Prof. NISHIMURA Ichiro, President of UCLA Weintraub Center (Tokyo Dental College Suidoubashi Chiwaki Hall, Tokyo)

15 Jan (Wed)
1st JMM Development Meeting (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)


23 Dec (Wed)
7th ITDN-Tokyo Esthetics & Implant Lecture "Basic and Clinical HA Implant" Dr. HAYASHI Yosiharu and KATO Eiji

20 Dec (Sat)
JMM Development SurgiGuide Implant Operation Excursion (Kato Dental Clinic, Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

13 Dec (Sat)
Online Rezept Making System IT Dental Show (Meguro Dental Hall)

3 Dec (Wed)
4th ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-megro, Tokyo)

22-23 Nov
Smile Club Meeting & Presentation (Yokohama World Port Square, Kanagawa, Japan)

22 Oct (Wed)
Meguro Dental Association "Clinical Medicine for Zirconia Ceramics"

Prof. Miura, Dental College.
21 Oct (Tue)
4th ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-megro, Tokyo)

The Quintessence, Issue in October Contribution "ips Stem Cell”

13-14 Sep
The 34th Implant Congress / HA Implant long-distance Report, 3D Valuation for GBR, Multi-Step Implant (Tokyo Forum)

24 Aug (Sun)
GBR/GTR Japan Goretex Qualifying Course held by KO Dental (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)

21 Aug (Mon)
JMM Develompent Meeting (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)

12-17 Aug
Dr. Cyril Evian Meeting & Presentation (Philadelphia, USA), Mr. Kurasawa Orympus Terumo Meeting (Philadelphia, USA), Dr. Jeffry Lemler Meeting & Presentation (NY, USA), NASA (Cape Canaveral, USA)

11 Aug (Mon)
JMM Develompent Meeting (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

20-21 Jul
Symplant Academy "Implant Maintenance by Hygienist" Lecture by Dr. Kato & Dr. Suzuki held by The Materialize (Toshi Center Hall, Aoyama, Tokyo)

18 Jul (Fri)
Materialize Meeting with Ms. Ellen SluyDD (Naka-meguro & Kamiyachou, Tokyo)

11-12 Jul
Lecture by Dr. Ternar in Taiwan, Visiting Dr. Vincent Ko Clinic.

6 Jul (Sun)
JMM Colloquim Lecture by Dr. Yuki, Yamate Dental Art (Tokyo Big Sight, Ariake, Tokyo)

The Quintessence, Issue in July
Book Review "Gene Waltz" KAIDOU Takeru

27 Jun (Fri)
Meguro Dental Association Sience Lecture "Health Economics" by Prof. Kawabuchi from Dental College

25 Jun (Wed)
Olympus Terumo Vice-president Mr. Mishima and Mr. Matsui Meeting (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

20 Jun (Fri)
Dr. Vincent Ko Meeting (Minami-Shinjuku Sunroute Hotel, Shinjuku, Tokyo)

16 Jun (Mon)
Meeting with Mr. Ozaki, President of Materialize Dental Japan (Roppongi Hills, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

6-13 Jun
UAS Morita-Olympus Terumo Meeting, Meeting with Prof. NISHIMURA Ichiro (UCLA Weintraub Center / IPAM, LA, USA), Mr. Shingyu Leung (UCLA Mathematics Dept.) and Dr. Smiler Live-Ope. & Lecture Meeting (Universal City, CA, USA)

1 Jun (Wed)
Tokyo Dental College Prof. Ishihara of microbiological course assumption celebration (Hotel Ichigaya Grand Hills, Shinjuku, Tokyo)

19 May (Mon)
Lecture "Emergency Revival" by Dr. Ootsuru Hiroshi, National Health Center Dental Surgery (Meguro Dental Association Hall, Meguro, Tokyo)

17 May (Sat)
Meeting & Presentation with Dr. Ishida from JMM Development Dept. (Shiba Celestine Hotel, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

15 May (Thu)
Meeting for Symplant Lecture with Dr. Takatsuji from Materialize Dental (Naka-Meguro, Tokyo)

3 May (Thu)
CDA (California Dental Association) Meeting & UAS Morita Olympus Terumo Visiting (Anaheim, CA, USA)

1 May (Wed)
Todd. Y. DDS. Perio & Implant Meeting (LA, USA)

1 May (Wed)
Prof. NISHIMURA Ichiro Meeting (UCLA Weintraub Center, LA, USA)

27 Apr. (Sun)
Smile Club Presentation (Yamagata, Japan)

26 Apr. (Sat)
Smile Club Lecture Meeting (Yamagata, Japan)

17 Apr. (Thu)
2nd. JMM Development Department Meeting (Oume Frontier International Congress Center, Ariake, Tokyo)

4 Apr. (Fri)
Terumo visit in Geihinkan guest house & Teru-plug presentation by Korean Dental Surgeon (Hadano-Nakai, Kanagawa)

1 Apr. (Tue)
3rd ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

The Quintessence Issue in April
The Q's Eye "ITDN-Tokyo Esthetic & GBR Lecture Meeting was held" written by Dr. Takizawa

16 Mar. (Sun)
JMM Lecture Meeting (CT, etc.) (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Shinjuku, Tokyo)

5 Mar. (Wed)
Olympus Terumo Meeting (Shiba Celestine Hotel, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

The Quintessence, Issue in March
Book Review "Survival of the Sickest" Sharon Moarem

28 Dec. (Thu)
2nd ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

21 Feb. (Tue)
"Oral Mucosal Disease" by Prof. Shimizu from Hokkaido Univ. Dermatology Dept. (Meguro Dental Association Hall, Meguro, Tokyo)

9 Feb. (Sat)
1st "b-FGF" Meeting & Presentation with Dr. Jeffery Lemler (N.Y., USA)

9-17 Feb.
NYU Implant & Esthetic Course 2006 (N.Y., USA)

29 Jan. (Tue)
1st ITDN-Tokyo Meeting & Presentation (Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

13 Jan. (Sun)
1st JMM Development Department Meeting (Yokohama World Port Square)

11 Jan. (Fri)
Olympus Terumo Meeting (Gotenyama Hills, Shinagawa, Tokyo)


2 Dec. (Sun)
Implant Seminor held by ITDN & Smile Club (Tokyo International Forum, Yurakucho, Tokyo)

25 Nov. (Sun)
Japan Gore-tex GBR & GTR Lecture (Pacifico Yokohama, Kanagawa)

9 Sep. (Sun)
Live surgery operation of Sinus Lift Procedures (Kato dental clinic, Naka-meguro, Tokyo)

2 Sep. (Sun)
Lecture for trouble and recovery of Implant (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)

5 Aug. (Sun)
Japan Gore-tex GBR & GTR Lecture (Nakano Sun Plaza, Tokyo)

8 Jul. (Sun)
Lecture "Implant Care" at KO Dental Show (Shinjuku NS Bldg., Tokyo)

20 May. (Sun)
Materialize SimPlant Lecture held by KO (Mito, Ibaraki)

3-4 Mar.
Lecture for POI-EX by Smile Club (Shinjuku)

18 Feb. (Sun)
Lecture for Esthetique & Zirconia (Shibuya)

The Quintessence 2007 February
Book review "THE PROTEUS EFFECT: Stem Cells and Their Promise For Medicine"

4-12 Feb.
Business trip for New York University College of Dentistry

14 Jan. (Sun)
3-D mister one shot lecture by JMM (NS bldg., Shinjuku)


9 Dec. (Sat)
GBR/GTR course for Japan Gore-tex official (Tokyo Dental College Chiba)

3 Dec. (Sun)
5th ITDN Meeting "Esthetics & Implant" (Tokyo International Forum)

25-26 Nov.
1st Almni meeting of NYU implant course (Tokyo International Forum)

23 Nov. (Thu)
Lecture for POI-EX (Creat Hamamatsu)

19 Nov. (Sun)
3-D mister one shot workshop by JMM (Shinjuku NS bldg.)

5 Nov. (Sun)
PM lecture "The future of biological design and computer suregery" (Grand park Tamachi, Shibaura)

4 Nov. (Sat)
10th anniversary Simplant workshop by Yokogawa Materialize (Grand park Tamachi, Shibaura)

The Quintessence 2006 November
Contribution of 3-D Mister introduction

29 Oct. (Sun)
GBR/GTR course for Japan Gore-tex official by KO dental (Shinjuku NS bldg.)