Released: October 18, 2013
Using real 3D images for Aesthetic implant surgery Case
presented by Eiji Kato D.D.S.
Released: 2010/01/21
HA vs. Ti Implant Long-Term Success Rate and Causes of Failure
Discussion on Surface Properties of Implant -Potential of HA-coating- Published by Japan Medical Materials Corporation
Released: from News Views 2006 No.3
Socket Healing - The First Step in Esthetic Dentistry Following Extraction
A newsletter for the dental profession Published by J. Morita USA, Inc.
Released:MAY 2005
The Sinus Approach by A Taper Osseo‐tome & Spreading Method with WIDE BASE(HA‐surface) Implant VS Standard Implant.
New York University college of Dentistry Continuing Dental Education Programs,

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